I am not a native to HR. I entered the function during my tenure with Time Warner. Having spent decades doing work in parallel to the HR function I became increasingly disenchanted with the limited impact and effectiveness of this vital function. So, rather than sit on the sidelines and complain, I jumped in. I committed the balance of my professional life to changing the world of work using HR as the leverage.

With an honest approach and an authentic voice, I am committed to walking the world in a way keeps me approachable. If there’s an elephant in the room, you can count on me to put it in the middle of the table, with a spirit and intent that makes it safe for everyone to be a part of the conversation.

I champion others to be their best self. My belief in the capacity of human potential was formed early in my career, first as an early childhood educator and then as the Executive Director of parent-cooperative child care centers for Stanford University and the Department of Interior.

My career has been a richly diverse and eclectic journey of non-profits and Global Fortune 100’s. From preschool teacher to leadership roles in high-tech, entertainment, media and advertising.

Today I have the amazing privilege to be the Chief People Officer for First Look. Here, the blend of advocacy for First Amendment and upholding individual freedoms blend cohesively with my beliefs in human potential.

While my work is a large part of my life and a venue for my passion, there is a complementary value in my life, my family and friends. I have spent more than two decades with my soul mate, Josh. One of the most fulfilling parts of my life has been watching my two children, Melissa and Brady, grow into terrific human beings and marry equally amazing people. Nothing fills my heart quite like my grandchildren, of which there are currently two. Family also includes my mom and two siblings (and their families) and the Cohen side of the tribe. My heart it closely linked to my BFF of more than 40 years, Debi. Together, my family and friends provide the necessary bedrock that keeps me grounded and real.


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